Jan. 18th 2006

 An Atlas of the DR's Wind Power Potential

The Green Team

Many people interested in the possible application of wind energy in the DR ask where this potential can best be tapped. At present, the best available reference to answer this is a "wind atlas" published in late 2001 by the US Government's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), in cooperation with the U.S. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and the company Winrock. more

December  24th 2005

Energy for the future inspires debate

CANCÚN, MEXICO - Central America sees renewables as part of its needs for the longer term  With the signing of an energy partnership with Mexico, Central America is poised to see a steady supply of oil and natural gas from its northern neighbor. more

December 12th 2005

Out in the cold

Montreal global warming conference shows U.S. is part of the problem but not part of the solution.  more

December 7th, 2005

Earth feels effects of global warming

This year is likely to go down as the hottest, stormiest and driest ever on Planet Earth in recorded history, making a strong case for the urgent need to combat global warming, said a report released yesterday at the UN Climate Change Conference.  more

 November 21th 2005

  First SolarPedalflo in the Dominican Republic

 Baboso, Dominican Republic  The Vice-President of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Rafael Alburquerque, inaugurated the first SolarPedalFlo installed in the Dominican Republic in October in the small town of Baboso, near Santiago Rodriguez.  more

 November 11th 2005

Spain: New Plan for Renewable Energy

A large share of Spain's target is based on the contribution of wind power, which is forecast to reach

20,155 MW of installed capacity in 2010.         more

November 11th 2005

China makes further renewable energy plans

China is looking to encourage the investment of Euro150 billion in renewable energy by 2020, helping to take the proportion of consumed energy supplied by renewables to 15%. The majority of the investment is expected to come from both the domestic and international business sector.       more

October 28th 2005

US$1 billion needed to resolve DR's energy  crisis

Santo Domingo.- Energy Consortium administrator Radhames Segura said that the country needs US$1.0 billion to resolve the energy problem.        more

October 24th 2005

Gov. Schwarzenegger backs new million solar roofs effort

Los Angeles.– After the legislative demise of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative this summer, supporters have looked towards the California Public Utilities Commission as the next and most promising avenue for passing the program.           more

October 17th 2005

China could become the world leader in wind power

Hong Kong.– China could become the world leader in wind power, according to a Greenpeace report released today. 
Wind Guandong, a study of wind power potential in the heavily industrialized Guandong province in southern China, says that by 2020 alone, the region could feasibly produce enough energy from wind turbines to meet the equivalent of Hong Kong’s total current electricity supply.       

October 12th 2005

Energy Commission OKs windy contract
As announced over the weekend by President Fernandez, the concessionary contract that will allow a Spanish company, Generacion Eolica Internacional (GEI), to create the first wind power farm in the Dominican Republic was approved by the government's National Energy Commission. The wind farm will be built in Matafongo, Bani, in Azua province. ..       more

August  23th 2005

Caricom news from August  23

As we strive to achieve prudence in the management of our natural resources and build an environmentally safe region for future generations of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) citizens, we have no choice but to seriously consider switching to clean and renewable resources of energy, to “spin the wheels of industry and commerce”

by  Clarence Pilgrim             more

JULY 11th, 2005

IFC Provides $10 Million for First Dominican Republic Wind Power Facility

The IFC, the International Finance Corporation, affiliated with the World Bank Group, has entered into an agreement with Consorcio Energetico Punta Cana-Macao S.A. (CEPM) to provide $10 million to the utility for the construction of an 8.25 megawatt wind power facility in the country’s tourist section. Tourism is a considered one of the main economic drivers in the Dominican Republic. A reliable power source is considered central to maintaining and expanding the tourist business base, which according to the IFC provides 554,000 jobs. The new wind power facility, the first for the small country, will displace part of a diesel generation system at the utility.      more