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unlike yesterday's windmill, today's wind turbines

 use technological innovations that have substantially reduced the cost of electricity

generated from wind power....


 200W -1KW

 2KW - 30KW

 Adopted universal connection between the rotor and generator, wind turbines operate smoothly and without vibration; Rotor blades passed the wind tunnel testing and manufactured according to the structure and technology of aircraft propeller, with high efficiency, The closed transmission slip ring has been used to prevent the corrosion from air and salt fog, without cable twining;
The body is also constructed of stainless steel for beach use to prevent against salt air

 ANHUA GREC Wind  Turbine

constructed with strong magnetism material, the overload capacity can reach 2 times more;  sturdy and durable operating life 10-15 years


300 - 500 W

Anhua Grec FD 2.5-300

2.5m Rotor Diameter


500 - 800 W

Anhua Grec FD 2.8-500

2.8m Rotor Diameter


1 - 1.5 KW

Anhua Grec FD 3.2-1000

3.2m Rotor Diameter


2 - 3 KW

Anhua Grec FD 4 2000

4m Rotor Diameter


3.5 - 4.5 KW

Anhua Grec FD 5-3500

5m Rotor Diameter


7.5 - 9 KW

Anhua Grec FD 7-7500

7m Rotor Diameter


10 - 15 KW

Anhua Grec FD 8- 10k

8m Rotor Diameter


20 - 30 KW

Anhua Grec FD 12-20k

20m Rotor Diameter


Speed conversion table

All wind turbines are "quality assured." The management system governing the manufacture of this product is under ISO9001:2000. Standards

About  Anhua turbines.

Flywheel design:
Our flywheel design is simple, yet one of the most important innovations we have to offer. By having such a heavy flywheel attached to the windmill blades, the momentum is not lost when the wind drops its speed momentarily. In the real world wind does not blow constant and even from any one direction and at a constant rate of speed for long periods of time. Anyone who has a windmill knows this. Our flywheel helps to keep the momentum built up when the "few second lulls" occur in the winds, making the output steady and reliable. One glance at a amp meter will prove this to any skeptic.

The Turbine is heavy and well built. This means the turbine will not be tossed around on the tower, it will sit and take the force of the wind and transform it into energy. It will not fall apart after a few years of service. Its simple design, good outputs in low winds, and rugged construction; add up to a dependable windmill that will keep you in power for years to come. The Anhua is affordable as well. Shop around and you will find the Anhua line of wind turbines are a value that can't be beat.

Side mounting:

Side mounting renders it impossible for the windmill to remain straight into damaging winds, as it will always turn sideways automatically when there is too much wind force. The result is the windmill blades will slow and the damage is prevented. This feature is more reliable than furling the windmill out of the wind by use of springs, or electronic governors

Turn away tail:

This new design tailpiece allows any momentary side gusts of wind to pass through the windmill tailpiece. The design prevents interruptions in the positive tracking the windmill has when producing power. This may not seem significant at first but every time the windmill looses its wind tracking, the windmill blades slow and sometimes stop, losing their momentum.
The turn-away tail stops those interruptions and gives the windmill an increase in power production. Depending on the winds in your area this could result in increases in up to 25% in output.


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